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CFT LPG Dispenser

CFT Auto LPG Dispensers: Approved in India by both CCOE and Department of Weights and Measures, more than 90 CFT Dispensers have been installed in more than 50 Indian cities for the past few years and have a reputation for being low on maintenance, high on performance with sustained levels of highest accuracy.


Pro C : Series 7000 High Frame Single/Dual Hose LPG Auto LPG Dispensers

Pro C : Series 7000 High Frame Single/Dual Hose LPG Auto LPG Dispensers

Technical Specifications

  • Liquid pumped / dispensed : Automotive Propane / LPG
  • Working Pressure: 18-20 Kg/cm2 (g)
  • Design Temperature :-26 C to + 65 C
  • Working Temperature :-10 to + 50 Deg. C (Ambient)
  • Housing : Double Cabinet. One for housing display and computing unit and other for housing flow meters and accessories along with piping.
  • Flow meters : LC Positive Displacement meter, suitable for LPG service, one each for one hose.
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.5% or better
  • Flow Capacity : 5-130 LPM


  • Microprocessor based control & metering with self diagnostic feature for error detection
  • Individual display units (one for each meter)
  • Display unit price per litre (upto Rs. 0000.00)
  • Display per transaction dispensed fluid in Litres (upto 0000.00)
  • Display payment due (Rs. 000.00) with variable decimal point
  • Display total volume dispensed for all transactions (000000.00)
  • Preset facility – both volume & value


  • Fine mesh filter (25 mm)
  • Vapour eliminator
  • Differential pressure valve
  • Ball valves for shut off
  • Back pressure check valves
  • Pressure gauge
  • Dispensing nozzle
  • Complete lighting system for display.
  • High pressure dispensing hose DN-19 with safety break away coupling,
  • Length : 4.5m, electrically conductive.
  • Auto temperature compensation system


Mains supply 240V, 50 Hz, 1 phase all electrical shall be flame proof / explosion proof / intrinsically safe duly certified by local authorities for use in Zone 1, Gr. II A/IIB.

  • Dispensing nozzle (Optional, Make: Elaflex, OPW or equivalent. Price for nozzle separate and on request)